Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inside the Center

Having a rational attributes, human has the power to picture the possible consequences of his actions and probable result of his decisions. In the same way, he has also the capability to hear and follow his core.

In our journey, however, there are tricky points in our lives that we could hardly follow our Center simply because it is not in accord to what other people want us to be. At times, It's too ironic that the reflections of our thoughts are not in the conformity of what's inside our heart. Life as what they say is simple but the environment itself makes it complicated because of its norms. And because of that measure, we limit ourselves and wave our decisions especially if we're not too confident with its potential result. That instance leads us toward internal self struggle. A battle that brings pressure to what we should consider.

                                                                                                            -Jei Son


  1. May pagkaslow ako so di ako sure if I understood or followed everything but I can feel there's a sens of panic here for not being able to follow your heart because of other people's voices in your head. Is this personal? Bata ka pa don't give in to pressure too much and just try to enjoy everything!


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