Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jei's LOVE Analogy

I am not brave, I'm no Superman, I am just a coward bird.


It's been years since I felt affection in my heart. Time when I let myself in in a cage of love. The immeasurable happiness made me stay being trapped in this florid cell. It's because you. I am here because you my mate.

But like the rainbow in the sky, the feeling gradually grew faint and disappear. Now I'm alone and the dark clouds are getting befriend with the sky. You left me crying. Abandoned with no clear reason. I wanna sing to lessen the pain but how would I open my mouth if every note in the song is a representation of my sorrow? so tell me my mate, tell me.

I guess my left wing is a bit okay now, - quite recovered from a great fall when you left me but I keep on asking why,  Why I'm still afraid to fly?

Other birds are waiting for me to take my flight. Encouraging me to take another try.

But how could I spread my wings if I already forget how to fly?


  1. Awww.... I can be your new mate if you want....

    I can teach you how to fly high like there's no limit! Bwawawa...

    This is a nice post. You proved that a post may not be too long to be good!

    Well written!

    1. new mate talaga so ako ung number 10 sa post mo hahaha.

      yap, I am practicing lesser words na.

  2. I hate that I was able to relate to this post hahaha...

  3. It's never too late to try and love somebody else again :))

  4. Just try again....don't be afraid to fly again. :)


  5. try to spread your wings and let the wind carry your soul, so it will wash away all the agony's you have in your heart.

    I like your post :)

  6. Subukan mong ibuka ang iyong mga pakpak, pag-aralan kung meron pa bang mga sugat o tuluyang naghilom na. Pagmasdan mo din siya at alalahanin na minsan ay dinala ka niya sa mga lugar na nagdala saýo sa langit at maaari ka pa niyang dalhin muli doon.

    Huwag kang matakot lumipad muli, malay mo isang araw na pagbagsak mo ay sa piling na ng minamahal mo. :)

  7. I just felt pure sadness from this post but there's a purpose every time you fall out of love. Who knows? maybe that fall will lead you the right person who will truly and genuinely love you. Just hold on there bro.

    Someone will come to teach you to fly again. Trust me.


  8. damana dame ko naman ang emotion sa post mong to parekoy!
    well ayun nga sa love may isang tao talagang magiiwan ng pinaka malaking sakit!
    but still it was great to love, kaya i spread your wings buddy

  9. What I've noticed though is that - this is I guess the 3rd time I read a post that essayed the phrase ' MOVING ON or IT IS HARD TO MOVE ON'. I don't know what's happening to some of my blogger-friends these days? LoLs! It's as if the sky showered break-ups and sadness and the rain poured out 'broken hearts'. LoLs!

    But I've been through this phase of love. Moving on? Naku, when I had my time with the words- I don't even know what to do.

    The thing is - when I was still in that relationship and accidentally found out that something wasn't goin' right - that my girl was cheating on me - and the worst part was she was cheating with a close friend of mine, my world was almost shattered.

    For a guy in me who gave my best, I can't fathom the abyss in my thought 'why and where' in the world it happened. And why, of all the people' - to a close friend of mine pa.

    You know the feeling when you've started building castle in the air, thinking that you'll end up together but you'll find out na niloloko ka lang niya.- Ang sakitttttttttt nun sobra - I'm a 'no cry guy' but because of that " I cried a river".

    I wrote her a 5-page letter and read it in front of her - stating all what's inside my heart. She told me she can't lose me but I told her that we can't continue anymore. Even when deep within my heart I madly love her. I don't know if I was right then kasi ako ang nag give up sa relationship namin because I can't accept the fact that she cheated on me.

    Dumating ang time na 'in denial' pa din ako kahit na wala na kami. There were instances na I'm just like a stupid shit crying inside a bus because I really can't accept the fact that I'd be losing her.

    - You know how weird it is - na tinatanong ka na ng driver to pay but you're just staring blankly toward him.
    - You know the feeling na 4am na ng madaling araw eh gising ka pa na parang addict dahil tuwing ipipikit mo mga mata mo siya ang nakikita mo.
    - You know the feeling na ilang beses kang lumagpas sa tamang babaan kasi nawala ka na naman sa katinuan mo sa kakaisip sa kanya.
    - You know the feeling na para kang tangang binabalikan mag-isa ang mga tagpuan nyo at lugar kung saan kayo madalas mag date.
    - You know the feeling na 3 years ka nang di nakipag communicate sa kanya tapos ng magkaroon ka ng chance to talk to her again - the feeling remains the same- mahal mo pa rin siya.

    How weird is that? Ay love life ko na pala eto hahahaha..napahaba. kasi naman na carried away ako eh hahahaha! pambihirang post eto oh! Hahahaha

    I guess I’m triggered to share the totality of this love story of mine in the coming days – hahaha!

    Pasensiya na sa haba ah- dinamayan lang kita- sana nakatulong eto at napatawa kita hehe!

    1. You nade me smile kua jay. salamat sa pag damay sa akin, somehow na realize ko mas masakit pa pala na pag daanan mo..hehehe

  10. Oh no... X_X

    There are perks to being broken - we learn to appreciate what we have, we understand the things that we are good and bad at, and finally, there is no way to go up.

    I am really sorry for what happened. And here I am giving you the tightest hug that my chubby body can offer, hehe.

    Losing wings is just a phase. Things will be fine in HIS time. Sabi nga ni Bagotilyo, tiwala lang. :)

  11. All of us have our stories of failure, being hurt and being in love. And the best part of it all is that little steps we take to redeem ourselves and become better persons..
    Take your time, this is your story, go and fly whenever youre ready :)


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