Saturday, March 16, 2013


Most of the times, we always seek for the best. One that will satisfy mostly on the standard of our wants and not into our needs. Maybe it's a human nature that when we choose something or someone, we always make sure that we take the best and if it doesn't work- we take the second option.

Just this lazy Saturday afternoon, I went to the kitchen to find some thing to eat but since I've just eaten my lunch, I looked at the available fruits on the fridge's door where oranges and an apple nestled. At sight, my saliva ran on my tongue while thinking about the sweet pulp of oranges until my hand grabbed one fruit below  -the apple.

While I was comfortably sitting on my couch, I looked at the apple on my hand thinking

"why I chose it despite that it was my second option?"

and an idea popped up in my head.

Commonly, second option is always taken for granted when someone claims that he has a better fish to fry, a person who could actually supplement the things what the second option doesn't have.

Admit it or not, I still believe that many of us give the first chair to the person who is pleasing and good-looking in our eyes and we just give a so-so attention to the second one. It might not be our intention to be prejudice but we are honestly doing it. We are clouded by our norms of fancy without thinking that there is also someone out  there waiting to prove him\herself to us- a person who has unique and better personality than the first option. I am not saying that after I write this entry, I will be fair to all the people around me, I just realized that we should not only see the beauty of our second option after we messed-up with our first one.


Finally I took my first bite and juices dripped off.  I enjoyed licking them. Another bite and the taste became sweeter. See- second option is not totally bad. (try)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I love you number EIGHT

"Anong chapter kana?"


"Ano ba Jei, you have good concept bakit di mo tinutuloy magsulat?" she added

"katamad dude eh and I have to learn more " I shortly said
Siya si Jillian, ang bestfren kong babae, sobrang saya ko when she came to mylife because I really long to have a girl friend like her. She trusts me with her secrets and vise versa. Marami kaming pag kakatulad- magbasa ng books, manuod ng movies at mag sulat. Actually, mayroon nga siyang na published PHR story ang "I Love You number Eight" at sa sobrang saya at supportive ko ay di pa ako bumibili ng libro niya (lakas ng tama no. busy eh). Ok lang yan, panoorin ko nalang sa TV ang teleserye adaptation niya. Diba Jill?

Bakit nga ba ako tinatamad mag sulat????

1. Pag nag susulat ako, sabay edit na kasi (mali daw un kasi mawawala ung flow ng idea mo) peo ganun ako eh kaya minsan sa kaka edit at kababasa. Iyon naboboringan na ako.

2. Tatlong stories ang gusto kong isulat ( Fantasy novel, Family Short story, at Suspense Novel) dami no??? Sino nga ba di tatamarin??? at diyan kami nag kakatalo ni bestpren kasi more on love story siya.

3. Busy din ako kababasa ng Hunger Games ni Suzzane Collins at di ko pa natatapos ang Girl With a Dragon Tattoo ni Stieg Larsson at nasimulan ko na naman ang Angels and Demons ni Dan Brown. Oh san ka pa sabay-sabay!!

4. At huli, kailangan din naman pumasok sa trabaho. Dahil pagod, pag uwi sa bahay ay nuod nuod din ng TV at tulog tulog din. So ano time ko mag sulat?? (sigh)

Kayo pano ba kayo mag sulat?? what are your motivations?? how your hands weave great stories?? share naman diyan.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's more than ABCD

Her words cracked in my eardrums.

"Gusto lang ko po maging elementary teacher, mapurol lang po utak ko" ( I just want to be elementary teacher, I only have featherbrain) she smirked after saying the words.

BboOoOm!!! the words exploded and I'm totally upset. The intensity of her statement is more like reaching the highest wave length in the seismograph. Very alarming.

Being Ignorant is inescapable human condition but to remain one is an option. According to John Locke in his Tabula rasa theory "human brain is born like a clear sheet" meaning the mental content doesn't exist at birth and it is in the individual who will nurture it. Multiple intelligences, in contrast, believes that everyone has already innate knowledge or talent during the process of conception which the person only needs to develop it as he grows up. Whatever be the correct theory between the two, both of them dwell in the idea of responsibility in self development.

Reality check. A person entering teaching profession because he is dull is no longer new to me. Sad but it's the truth and don't judge them. Actually, I have nothing against these people because I believe they have special capabilities that make them great teachers on their own way however I just hate the way they look at themselves and how they just simply accept their limitations which stops them from learning new concept.

If you want to be a teacher, make an introspection. Assess and ask yourself what makes you at least good teacher in the eyes of your children because once you admit that you only have feather brain and use teaching as your opportunity to escape your condition and be called professional, You won't gain my respect and worse even to the society. Use your personality as your reason to be part of the team and not your weaknesses, because in this field being intelligent doesn't always matter. I remember talking to my colleague after she was insulted by one of our co-teachers, she admits that she's not good enough in language and she already aged in the teaching kindergarten however, if I try to assess them, people respected more our kinder teacher primarily because of the attitude and the patience she's giving to her pupils are immeasurable. She might not inclined in advanced academic subjects but she studied how to be a good agent in dealing different personalities of small children while teaching. Passion counts.