Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Skrypton Jei

People think he has no mask
but beneath his eyes have hidden facts:
the truth and sorrows screetching from the heart
under his sheet has kryptonite

Everyone gazes in the sky
Like pheonix as he flies
but during the dead of night,
nobody knows in labyrinth he cries

The falling dews he has to stop
his inside battle he needs to fight;
but folks only see the "S" in his cloth
not the broad shoulders that full of loads



Saturday, January 19, 2013

Forget the ALPHA

Could it be possible to forget your past?
Maybe, maybe not.

Sand prints the history of footsteps, so as life. Our decisions and actions in the past leave marks to the people around us however unlike the footprints on the sand- it vanishes. The wind and even the waves from the ocean help to cease the markings of the steps.

I talked to my friend over the phone yesterday and the core of our conversation was all about me and my past. I told her about the admiration I feel toward a girl I met in Greenhills- her being gorgeous and simple made her more beautiful. When I first saw her, I said to my self "I like her" which there's nothing wrong about it. We are both single.

That same night,  I got her  phone number but instead of texting her, I just kept it and I am hesitant to make a move because of one thing -my past. What if, she will totally become my girlfriend and she learned something about me? will I endure it seeing her crying because of that? and if I tell her everything about myself, am I ready to take a rejection? or maybe I am just putting clouds of doubt in her mind.

I know, no matter how hard I revert the things I did, I won't change it anymore. My friend over the phone told me to forget the alpha and be someone new but many "what ifs" are still running in my mind.

I just  hope that one day,  the wind will perfectly forget my flaws in the past and a wave of changes will definitely cover them all.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

22 years with my TWIN

It has been 22 years and Change has been my twin as I grow up.

I remember the last time I went in my Alma Matter, I was talking to my grade 5 adviser about the requirements needed for my teaching application. We were chatting for almost 5 minutes when she finally asked my name,  “I am Jei Son, Ma’am “ I courteously said, her eyes wide open and I can’t totally paint her face “ Wow” she exclaimed. “I am surprised, you’ve changed a lot and look at you now ”she added after recognizing me.  She did not expect that after 8 years she will meet me again as teacher

Maybe or indeed she was correct that I’ve changed a lot.

Time changed and keeps changing me not only my physical appearance but also my point of view because of the experiences it brought to me. The happiness and most especially the pain escorted me to take every opportunity to change and improve in all possible I can. I grew up as ordinary person: I played  when I was elementary, made friends when I was high school and  studied a bit seriously when I was in college (pretty cool and easy right?) but along those journey , people who measured, criticized and mauled me became my passport to be better. “Easy life, prove them wrong” I said and most of the time it works however there were aspects that they did not change me as well and one of those is to keep the life light and simple: be jolly, laugh as much as possible and crack jokes with friend , opppsss……….maybe those are reasons why I look younger (joke). Anyways, as of now, I am enjoying myself as a Call Center Agent but I am planning to teach again but this time here in Makati… I’m hoping!