Monday, May 20, 2013

Of Puerto GALERA

It's post summer season but yeah this doesn't stop us to raid and dig our summer wear and sunblock and jump into the white beach of Mindoro ( langoy, langoy, langoy na parang shokoy). Okay, I'm not a travel blogger but I just want to share my pretty awesome experience in the  island.

This getaway was originally planned by our team but I ended up going not with my teamates but instead with those agents who supposed to be "sabit" only in our ally. nag backed-out sila eh, di kami nalang.

looking at the photo we are still ragged with our office clothes because we boarded on JAM bus in Buendia directly after our shift.  We arrived at Batangas Pier terminal around 01:30pm but we departed the place around 3:00pm because 3 of our colleagues were late. 
Ang Ayrte- Ayrte kasi ng GF ng office mate ko.

When the boat docked, picture picture agad. It was drizzling that time but the weather did not stop the tourists to enjoy every splash of wave in the beach. At night, I wondered because girls were wearing make ups, Whaattt? make up before swimming. okay na OA. kayo na ang ARYANA. hehehe

here's our first babad. the water is perfect. though we had drowsy eyes, all of our stress were washed out because of the reviving temperature of the sea. we had also great time laughing with stand-up commedians in the bars and drop-jaw with professional fire dancers

This is a human-made tamaraw falls. It is actually 47 kilometers from the white beach. It is very ordinary in sight  and located just beside the highway but what makes this different from other falls is its the unparalled floor. Sinubukan kong sisirin ang pinaka ilalim but I failed hindi ko kaya ung pressure.

The Virgin Island.
I asked kuya trisi driver why they called  it virgin Island sabi niya di niya alam. okiy.
When we arrived at the place I saw a groto of Virgin Marry on a huge rock. ahuh so that's the reason, virgin Island because it has a virgin Marry statue I said. Mali pala kasi when I stepped into the sea floors 3 meters from the shore ang dami palang buhay na coral reefs doon kaya they called it virgin Island. The place is full of stones kaya hirap maglakad my friends kept on asking why it is not sand Island. I kept my mouth shut but I know the reason why , the water is too calm and there were just minimal waves in the sea therefore scientifically the stones have small chance to be weathered. ( Kuya kim lang ang Peg diba)

Aun. It was a great adventure. See you.



  1. great adventure... mukha namang nag-enjoy ka sa Puerto Gay-lera...

  2. ayos!!! buti malinis ang water. sa sabang beach kasi medyo madumi na.

    1. yap mjo wala pang bar dun. kaya sa white beach kami pumunta. namingwit ng foren-ger

  3. haha virgin island such an interesting name!
    haha ayos to pala ung sinabe dati sa fb! haha
    saya ahh! anyway anu meron sa taas? nakaturo ka palage eh hahaha piz

  4. Di ko alam na may falls pala sa Puerto Galera sayang di ko nakita noong pumunta kami doon ng teammates ko rin dati.

  5. i've been to puerto gallera 2 times na pero di ko pa nabutahan yung tamaraw falls.. ayan beach beach din pag may time.. im glad you enjoyed! ;)

  6. ang saya saya naman! di ko pa napuntahan ito. tsk! ang loser e no.

  7. wow! it looks you really had fun! i envy you kuya, lapit lapit namin sa Mindoro hindi man lang kami makapunta. :(

    from Myxilog with love <3

  8. Ikaw ang nagbibeach. never been to puerto galera. Soon pupunta ako dyan :P

  9. Na experience ko rin 2 before after shift deresto gala...galera or baguio but now..hindi na di na kaya ng katawan ko hahahaha! I found a new love sleeping kaya ang taba ko

    But anyway, I miss Galera and di ko pa na visit yang tamaraw falls:)

    Good to know you had summer sweet escape bago mag tagulan at alam kung mahirap e singit ang mga lakad na ganito pag sa cl cntr nag work:)

  10. Tawa ako ng tawa sa "Ayrte- Ayrte" hehe :)

    Namiss ko ang Puerto, dati dyan kami lagi pumupunta kasi sya pinaka malapit. Nie to see na maganda pa din sya! Enjoy na enjoy kayo a :)

    Nakaka aliw nga ang mga naka make up sa beach, parang party party lang ang pupuntahan :)

  11. Kaya pala Virgin Island. I was thinking of something else.

    Anyway, I've never been there before. I'll try to go there someday.


  12. Hindi ako pede dyan sa virgin island n yan!

  13. Yung isang kasama ninyong girl, kamukhang kamukha ng classmate ko noong elementary. I wonder kung siya nga yun.

  14. seems like you really enjoyed your vacation :) it's indeed well-spent with friends :) hope to visit mindoro as well :)

  15. jeeeiiisssooonnn hahahaha whats newww ang sosyal ng bakasyon ha pero wala ka ng update or ako ata ang oa na nawala ng matagal hahahaha

  16. oo nga lala tagal ko na walang post


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