Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Gleaming Light

Just like his fluttering cape in the sky,
I'll rise
I'll fly
'till I reach the gleaming light

            -Jei Son

Saturday, October 12, 2013

#ThrowBack: College days

I was surfing the internet when I stumbled into one of my photo folders, My College life Pics.

Alakain mo 4 years na pala akong graduate at katulad ng mga pasaway ko'ng mga classmates at barkada ay ganap na kaming mga Guro (ehem).  I don't know if you agree with this but college life for me is like a liberation because it was my first time to stay far from my family and do my own stuff like washing and ironing my own uniforms, buying and cooking my own foods and washing my own dishes and off-course most of my first and flirts happened here (haha).


These are my pics when I was in college. ( libre manlait huwag lang sobra haha)

Meet the DBH

            DBH stands for Dolores Boarding House ang aking mga Kakosa sa loob ng bording house. Maliban sa kakosa ay ka-ututang dila din pag gabi, ka jamming pag may party, ka midnight snack pag naisipan. kasama sa umaakyat sa gate pag naabutan ng curfew, ka kutsaba sa pagtatago ng alak pag nag roronda ang Land-lady at Kaaway pag oras na ng hugasan ng pinagkainan.

Ang DBH ay hati sa tatlo:
ang DBH_BRODZ, ang mga grupo ng mga lalaki,
DBH_BRATS ang mga grupo ng mga babae,
at DBH_BRIGHT ay grupo ng mga matatalino at alam na.

BRODZ: Melvin,Leo,James,Jei Son, Miguel, Frank and Melvin. wala si Ryan sa pic nag CR hahha

BRIGHTS: Benj (Magna Cum laude), Lester (Cum Laude) and David (Science Wizard)
                 at wala jan si Davy ( the mathematician)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inside the Center

Having a rational attributes, human has the power to picture the possible consequences of his actions and probable result of his decisions. In the same way, he has also the capability to hear and follow his core.

In our journey, however, there are tricky points in our lives that we could hardly follow our Center simply because it is not in accord to what other people want us to be. At times, It's too ironic that the reflections of our thoughts are not in the conformity of what's inside our heart. Life as what they say is simple but the environment itself makes it complicated because of its norms. And because of that measure, we limit ourselves and wave our decisions especially if we're not too confident with its potential result. That instance leads us toward internal self struggle. A battle that brings pressure to what we should consider.

                                                                                                            -Jei Son