Friday, March 1, 2013

It's more than ABCD

Her words cracked in my eardrums.

"Gusto lang ko po maging elementary teacher, mapurol lang po utak ko" ( I just want to be elementary teacher, I only have featherbrain) she smirked after saying the words.

BboOoOm!!! the words exploded and I'm totally upset. The intensity of her statement is more like reaching the highest wave length in the seismograph. Very alarming.

Being Ignorant is inescapable human condition but to remain one is an option. According to John Locke in his Tabula rasa theory "human brain is born like a clear sheet" meaning the mental content doesn't exist at birth and it is in the individual who will nurture it. Multiple intelligences, in contrast, believes that everyone has already innate knowledge or talent during the process of conception which the person only needs to develop it as he grows up. Whatever be the correct theory between the two, both of them dwell in the idea of responsibility in self development.

Reality check. A person entering teaching profession because he is dull is no longer new to me. Sad but it's the truth and don't judge them. Actually, I have nothing against these people because I believe they have special capabilities that make them great teachers on their own way however I just hate the way they look at themselves and how they just simply accept their limitations which stops them from learning new concept.

If you want to be a teacher, make an introspection. Assess and ask yourself what makes you at least good teacher in the eyes of your children because once you admit that you only have feather brain and use teaching as your opportunity to escape your condition and be called professional, You won't gain my respect and worse even to the society. Use your personality as your reason to be part of the team and not your weaknesses, because in this field being intelligent doesn't always matter. I remember talking to my colleague after she was insulted by one of our co-teachers, she admits that she's not good enough in language and she already aged in the teaching kindergarten however, if I try to assess them, people respected more our kinder teacher primarily because of the attitude and the patience she's giving to her pupils are immeasurable. She might not inclined in advanced academic subjects but she studied how to be a good agent in dealing different personalities of small children while teaching. Passion counts.

To remind some...
being a teacher needs to wear different hats carrying out his duties,- be a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of information, an evaluator, a classroom manager, a counselor, a member of many teams and groups, a decision-maker, a role-model, and a surrogate parent. Each of these roles requires practice and skills that are often not taught in teacher preparation programs. Not all who want to be teachers should invest the time and resources in teacher training or teacher preparation programs if they do not have the appropriate temperament, skills, and personality. Way back in college when I set to decide what level will I teach, I felt certain degree of fear when I chose primary level because of the idea of being stagnant with all the basic lessons that I will be teaching to my pupils and the fear that I will totally forget what I've learned from school until I realized that it is I who will totally decide what kind of teacher I become.

To those who are not in the profession, think that...
As elementary teacher is not all about A- as in Apple, B- as in Ball, C- as in Cat and D- as in Diaper. It is more than that.

To those who plan to be in the profession, remember that...
Being a teacher doesn't require a person to be too intelligent but being feeble-minded must not be a reason to be one. Remember you'll be like stone being dropped in the sleeping lake. You create ripples. You influence.


  1. May guro na nakakatuwa at may nakakainis, pero ang pinakagusto kong guro ay ang nakakapagbigay sa iyo ng inspirasyon. yung tipong dumating man ang panahon na tumanda ka ay nanatili sa isip at puso mo ang sinabi/tinuro nya dahil sa naging inspirasyon sya para sayo.

  2. gusto ko ang iyong punto de vista... tulad mo, pareho tayo ng pagtingin sa propesyong pagtuturo... kaya ikaw, listen and follow to your calling.. tara na... let's teach!

  3. ahaha naku ako kasi walang chaga sa maga bata kaya di pwede maging guro
    sa pag tutor pa lang sa maga pamangkin at pinsan ko ee sakit na ulo ko
    pero syempre naisip ko din na maging guro ung may tatawag sayo SIR COYNE!
    angas nun
    pero sa tingin ko kahit di ka naman talagang guro ee maari kang mag hatid ng aral sa iba, being the best that you can be is a great way to inspire others to do so
    which is sa tingin ko ee essence ng education to bring out the best at every person

  4. Yes, I agree, it's more than ABC. :) I didn't say that because I just want to say something. I know it. My mom's a teacher. Need I say more? ;)

  5. I believe teaching is the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.

    Gusto ko yung mga teacher na bibigyan ka ng something to take home to think about besides homework.

  6. when I was a kid, i dreamed of being a teacher, but I dont have guts to enroll for educ course, still, I have this urge to be one someday. I know I'll be good at it :)


  7. On the contrary, I think teaching is a profession that hugely requires intelligence. But don't get me wrong, by intelligence I mean the ability to think and speak intelligently. And for someone to think that being an elementary teacher would just be right for being not-so-intelligent, I think she don't understand what she's talking about. She never deserve to be a teacher at all if she really mean that.

    Though I never dreamed to be a teacher, I admire them. And I look up to them.


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