Saturday, March 16, 2013


Most of the times, we always seek for the best. One that will satisfy mostly on the standard of our wants and not into our needs. Maybe it's a human nature that when we choose something or someone, we always make sure that we take the best and if it doesn't work- we take the second option.

Just this lazy Saturday afternoon, I went to the kitchen to find some thing to eat but since I've just eaten my lunch, I looked at the available fruits on the fridge's door where oranges and an apple nestled. At sight, my saliva ran on my tongue while thinking about the sweet pulp of oranges until my hand grabbed one fruit below  -the apple.

While I was comfortably sitting on my couch, I looked at the apple on my hand thinking

"why I chose it despite that it was my second option?"

and an idea popped up in my head.

Commonly, second option is always taken for granted when someone claims that he has a better fish to fry, a person who could actually supplement the things what the second option doesn't have.

Admit it or not, I still believe that many of us give the first chair to the person who is pleasing and good-looking in our eyes and we just give a so-so attention to the second one. It might not be our intention to be prejudice but we are honestly doing it. We are clouded by our norms of fancy without thinking that there is also someone out  there waiting to prove him\herself to us- a person who has unique and better personality than the first option. I am not saying that after I write this entry, I will be fair to all the people around me, I just realized that we should not only see the beauty of our second option after we messed-up with our first one.


Finally I took my first bite and juices dripped off.  I enjoyed licking them. Another bite and the taste became sweeter. See- second option is not totally bad. (try)


  1. i just remembered yong ang tunay na kagandahan ng isang tao eh yong hindi nakikita ng mata mo, aminin na natin yan na tama yong sinabi mo mas nakikita natin ang tao na maayos sa pananamit, good looking kaysa don sa tingin pa lang eh dry na dry na but hindi natin alam na minsan yong ndi natin nakikita sa ating mga mata yon pa naman ang may sinabi sa buhay at may maibibigay. tulad din yan ng apple na kinain mo hihihih

    good morning televenturejuan!!! sabay wide split na nakataas ang dalawa kong kamay!! first time ko nkdalaw d2. =)

  2. Sometimes it's good to pick the second best so you can look forward to what you saved for last - the best.

  3. I very much agree with what you posted today parekoy.

    Para sakin kase, hindi porke sikat or kilala si ganyan/ganito dun ka na lng lagi nagsusumiksik at nakakalimutan mo na ung iba na may masasabi din naman talaga at naghihintay lng na mapansin dba?

    At talagang ma-i-connect lng eh hahaha!

    1. very much agree with your comment too fiel.

    2. agree din ako diyan.... hehehe

  4. Ganda... I'd rather do the same... Go with the second option... Mas maraming kaagaw pag best nag laging gustong makuha... hmnnnn...

  5. hmm anu nga ba, ako kasi kung san lang ako masaya ee,
    pero kun papipiliin dun na din ako sa second option kasi hirap ng ung best ang napunta sayo dameng gustong sumulot,
    anyways na alalako ung lines sa kanta ni katy perry
    "i picked the ripest one but still got the seed"
    best or second option di natin masasabi ang kahihitnatnan

  6. It's what society dictates us - a social norm - that we always go to what pleases us physically without even having a second look to other options . And when we can't get the 'best want" we desire we eventually settle for a second option.

    The idea of having "a second option" instead of purely just an option can only be eradicated if we begin treating each one of us as individual with differences and starts celebrating the differences we have. We shouldn't condition ourselves by saying 'ok, there is a second option, or a second best" but we should say "there is an option" instead. In this way, we will learn not to compare.

    God created us completely distinct from one another and He doesn't want comparison instead a celebration of differences with the thought of respecting it.

    By the way, I'm a follower now. I love how you write and your thought process. More blogs from you.

    1. thanks Jay nahiya tuloy ako sa comment mo

    2. If there's one person here that I would agree with, it would be Juicy Jay, haha. :)

  7. minsan nga kung ano pa ang second option un pa ang the best...

    parang sa artista lang... kung sino ang second option sa kanya pa bagay ang role hehehe

    masarap talaga ang apple....

  8. agree!!!

    sometimes, second option is the best option! di lang natin napapansin dahil abala tayo sa "the best".


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