Monday, May 20, 2013

Of Puerto GALERA

It's post summer season but yeah this doesn't stop us to raid and dig our summer wear and sunblock and jump into the white beach of Mindoro ( langoy, langoy, langoy na parang shokoy). Okay, I'm not a travel blogger but I just want to share my pretty awesome experience in the  island.

This getaway was originally planned by our team but I ended up going not with my teamates but instead with those agents who supposed to be "sabit" only in our ally. nag backed-out sila eh, di kami nalang.

looking at the photo we are still ragged with our office clothes because we boarded on JAM bus in Buendia directly after our shift.  We arrived at Batangas Pier terminal around 01:30pm but we departed the place around 3:00pm because 3 of our colleagues were late. 
Ang Ayrte- Ayrte kasi ng GF ng office mate ko.

When the boat docked, picture picture agad. It was drizzling that time but the weather did not stop the tourists to enjoy every splash of wave in the beach. At night, I wondered because girls were wearing make ups, Whaattt? make up before swimming. okay na OA. kayo na ang ARYANA. hehehe

here's our first babad. the water is perfect. though we had drowsy eyes, all of our stress were washed out because of the reviving temperature of the sea. we had also great time laughing with stand-up commedians in the bars and drop-jaw with professional fire dancers

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

True Story: Jhun's DOODLE

Last weekend as I sat on a three-day seminar in our church, I had one of those life-changing experiences that you hear other people talk about — the kind of experience that sneaks you up  unexpectedly. This was the moment my eyes nailed to one of the male delegates in our row.

He is Jhune. I learned it through the ID pinned in his shirt. He had nothing special though. He wore ordinary clothes, got dark color and had his obvious straggly hair but what really caught my attention to this person was his Doodle. An adult doodling inside the church?  It's aberrant.

While I was staring at him I noticed that his hand suddenly stopped from stroking. I was caught starring to a stranger.

"Hi" I smiled as my immediate excuse to my rudeness. 

"I heard na Ilokano ka, taga san ka pala?" I asked which I thought a great topic to start a conversation but he just nodded, bowed his head and resumed his doodle. Maybe he's not interested for a talk  I thought

"Taga Cagayan Valley ako" a voice sounded out besides me after a couple seconds. It was him.

"Talaga, taga Isabela ako" I smiled "kailan ka pa umalis doon?" I added but he offered no immediate response for the second time. I was displeased with the situation, loss of face. And to manage my guilt I simply diverted my attention to my notes and swore not to talk to him again but my plans repeled when he reponded.

"Lumayas ako when I was 17. The night pagkatapos akong buhusan ng kumukulong tubig ng tatay ko" that soft husky voice striked deep within my soul. I looked at him and felt sorry about what I heard.

"Oh sorry, pero un na un diba, wala ng iba." I said trying to convice myself

After saying those words, he looked at me and smiled maybe because of my silly reaction. I could hardly put in words in what I saw. He smiled yet there was a perceptable somber in his eyes.

"Pina ampon ako when I was 7, pero bumalik ako sa kanila para maramdaman ko kung saan ako nang galing pero worst binubog lang ako, sinaktan. During my birthday when I was Grade 6 tinulak ako sa ilog ng tatay ko.... But in God's grace buti nalang marunong na akong lumangoy that time" he grinned narrating his victory.

"Minsan nga" he added "sabi ng nanay ko sana namatay nalang daw ako noon. kaya tinanong ko sila kung ampon lang ba ako pero imposible kasi may kakambal ako, and I keep asking myself at times  "bakit ako ang pinag bubuntungan ng galit nila kahit kasalanan ng iba?... parang sumpa ung tingin nila sa akin" he seriously said.