Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Skrypton Jei

People think he has no mask
but beneath his eyes have hidden facts:
the truth and sorrows screetching from the heart
under his sheet has kryptonite

Everyone gazes in the sky
Like pheonix as he flies
but during the dead of night,
nobody knows in labyrinth he cries

The falling dews he has to stop
his inside battle he needs to fight;
but folks only see the "S" in his cloth
not the broad shoulders that full of loads




  1. The poem is so nice. Just a reflection of what we are. Its a reflection that we are only humans, that often times we feel pain, sadness and have weakness too.

  2. Kaya I still believe na nobody is perfect. Even heroes has their own strength and weaknesses.

    Pwede rin natin i-compare yan sa mga comedians, pinapasaya nila tayo. Pero behind that happy and cheerful face makikita mo ang sorrow and pain. Dinadaan lng nila sa pagpapatawa ang lahat pero deep inside they are hurting.

    Nice poem!

  3. If I haven't seen a Superman movie, the superhero would remain an enigmatic figure for me. A very well-thought out poem.


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