Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letter To God

My Remorse and Rejoice To Thee

Lord, I remorse
for my heart within has disillusions;
Ashamed because to You I can't conceal my true color
dissimulating my feeling just to look strong.

Lord, to You I cry
for all my blunders and unwise decisions
but give me chance oh God to atone
All my defiance and transgressions

I sometimes blame you everytime I fall
Sometimes  I thought I'm deserted and abandoned
I remorse oh God. I cry.
I forgot, Your Son shouted "It is done" before He died

I pity myself Oh God
for I was clouded by my self-indulged plight;
I remember, Your Son redeemed my life
which I must celebrate it with Your unconditional love

Oh God I rejoice with the hope You give!
for during Autumn and every fall of leaves
has smell of spring for Your covenant I can live
with renewed faith rekindled with Your Spirit

Lord I exult with outstretched arms
for all the mountains of trouble in my heart
without You, I couldn't climb any of these heights
Thank you because You restored my dying life

I may too weak to fathom Your Intentions
but then again- I rejoice, exult and praise You oh Lord
Enliven my soul through Your profound words
For I must not dwell on my ordeals but to You alone

Hear my voice oh God, hear my remorse
from now on and on I celebrate my life with You with great rejoice


Short Story about this Poem

I had my first draft that tackles about my insecurities, hatreds and hostilities of life but I immediately deleted it when I attended a mass in Word for the World Church where all of the attendees are shouting with joy, raising their hands to God and singing with bliss on their faces. That time I felt certain sense of guilt knowing that I am very lucky and blessed.

Yeh It's not a winning poem but let's rejoice and ask no more questions because we are not deaf when Jesus shouted "It is Done" on His cross.


  1. hhhmmnnnn... nicely written... good luck friend!

  2. This is very beautiful:) by the way, entrymo ba to sa " Letter To God Contest? Can you send it to my email: ligaya.bugten@gmail.com
    But if not, this is an awesome post anyway and very inspirational.

    1. Yap ate Joy. Its my official entry

  3. husay ni Jei! Good luck sa entry mo. :)

  4. ang sarap lapatan ng tono ng tula mo jeison!

  5. *pats shoulder* sobra talaga akong na-aamazed sa husay nyong gumawa ng tula. napaka ganda at very inspirational tong poem mo Jeison :)

    Gudluck sa entry for Mommy Joy's contest!

  6. naks! ganda neto promise! at maganda din ug story behind it!
    isa to sa favorite entry ko!
    thumbs up jei, goodluck and god bless

  7. woooottt jieeess!!! kabang kaba ako sa entry mo na, tumagos sa puso ko habang binabasa ko lalo naman tong "Oh God I rejoice with the hope You give!for during Autumn and every fall of leaves has smell of spring for Your covenant I can live with renewed faith rekindled with Your Spirit" HINDI KO KNOWS pero nararamdaman ko lang sya ng bongga parang nangyari sakin yan hahahaha goodluck jeiisss!!!

  8. wow! Goodluck sa entry mo.....

  9. Galing galing ni Jeison..
    Remember kahit may aray don't ever forget to praise and thank the Lord.
    Kayang kaya basta anjan si Lord.
    Inspiring talaga keep it up Jei :)

  10. this is beautiful. i love how the words were played. Good luck, Jeison

  11. The poem is moving.

    The fact that you did it after you have your Sunday service is just fitting. Your mind were injected with thoughts that nourishes your inner soul. Plus, you were able to pour out to God your current condition leaving you vulnerable. Vulnerability, most of the times, isn't bad at all because it just reminds you of your human frailties and weaknesses. The same thing that needs the presence of GOD in your life.

    Good luck to you entry!

    I must say, you're a good poet Jei huh! Kudos to your work.


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